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BRS, an accredited USA based, certification body with central operations in Southern California and with an exclusive team of assessment professionals providing services in North, South, East and West of the USA.

BRS exclusive professionals conducts assessments to assure adherence to laws and regulations for the purpose to protect community and consumers. This is accomplish through the application of many management programs, which among others includes: QMS based ISO 9001, EMS based ISO 14001, QMS MDD based ISO 13485, FSMS based ISO 22000, FSMS based HACCP MS, HACCP HARPC MS - Preventive Controls, QMS Healthcare - Quality Health Care System (QHCS), ISMS based ISO/IEC 27001, OSHMS applying ISO 45001, Social Accountability. Management assessments need be in accordance with legal regulations exercising due-care for protection of communities and consumers purpose.

    If your organization has to forcefully and compulsory carry certification of management system specific to a source, BRS well may not be the most favorable option - because your choice of certification body is predetermined. If your organization seeks consumer - centric effectiveness in a manner adhering to antifraud, anticorruption and antitrust through certification, validation, inspection, product mark, BRS may well be consider as an option for choice.

The BRS network of professionals carry the most years of experience in the industry and they are passionate about consumer-concentric matters and living the BRS mission, values and vision. 

    BRS vision is to become the most favorable option to client - organizations in the challenge of consumer - centric activities. We carry no other businesses to create conflict of interest impartiality. In abiding to accreditation protocols and not having to concede to pressures of one price across the world through our exclusive regional teams we can provide competitive pricing across world regions. 




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