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Mission, values and vision to purpose is at the core of what we do

We provide client-organizations' brands with third-party validation and certifications of products and services. Branding is a way of business identification to consumers and our activities support brands. Clients and Consumers recognize and trust brands based on their experience. The role of branding is knowing the true identity of a brand and client and consumers experience. BRS® branding focus on management systems practices and methods through process assessments based-on the nature of products.

In carrying third-party branding, we truly act locally while thinking globally, while it is a statement that others may convey, yet we live. This statement is at the core of what we do, it happens through the regions as supported by the Rim of the World Operations based in California USA. This is why we consistently deliver third-party support that is contemporary to today's challenges through risks and opportunities, as we live our mission, values and vision to a dignify purpose. This enable client- organizations across various supply chains onto next generation solutions, affordably while sustainable. At BRS® we redefine relationships through tailor-made support helping client-organizations in protecting communities and consumers while enhancing operational performance.

Through our branding experience we carryout assessment-audit services as we promote the advancement of client-organizations leading onto transformation; as reference on the right-column. It is about identifying and proactively acting on risk, opportunities, performance enhancements, loss prevention, increasing profitability and advance growth, while adhering to a legally binding purpose.

At BRS® we provide accredited  inspection | validation | certifications (product and process based management systems) through assessment activities in unison with your organization's objectives and goals. Our work helps to fuse, interact, and contributes to performance enhancements through adding-value- assessments based on a legally binding consumer-centric purpose without exposing your organization confidentiality, privacy and similar legal infringements.

BRS® is the alternate for your organization to experience third-party services that truly contribute to optimization, onto prosperity and growth. When the organization, the market, communities, and consumers interact with synergy it provides unison that can only be a good thing within the free-market. Welcome to BRS®, an accredited Third-Party Body from California USA operating worldwide.  

Quality Management System, nuclear and othersQMS ISO 9001
[Quality Management Systems]
ISO 13485, Medical


Food Safety Management... Bon AppétitFSMS ISO 22000

[Food Safety Management Systems]


Environmental Management System EMS ISO 14001
EMAS 761
[Environmental Management Systems &

Occupational Health & Safety
[ISO 45001 | ILO-OSH | Loss Prevention
[Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems]


Information Security Management System
Information Security Management Systems]
Business Continuity ISO/IEC 22301;


SMS ISO 28000
SMS ISO 28000
[Security Management System for the
Supply Chain ISO/IEC 17020]


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 Caution on the local use of the
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in private or public sectors

Director of GOB receives
 the Becket Award

Malcolm Baldrige Excellence Award
 through BRS QMS Fundamentals

BRS®, helps to achieve conviction of 10 years in prison for spammer using the BRS name

BRS® "watchdog" role caught hoax in the wild regarding FBI affairs

Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), Hazard Analysis Preventive Controls (HARPC) and BRS



We are consumer-centric responsive support and services tailored to the challenges of each client-organization to support helping to enable the extraordinary.

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Our solutions help organizations to face a wide range of risk and competitive exposures for today's global challenges.

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We maintain consumer-centric and through exclusive proficient professional assessors.

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Our services are mission and value oriented to a legally binding purpose provide for a tight fit with your organization's needs and objectives.

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BRS® validation | inspection | certifications are within the reach of your organization, wherever across the world and highly specialized sectors.

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Easy access to the BRS® exclusive network is one of our hallmarks reaching Europe, Euro Asia, Australasia-Asia Pacific, Middle East, North Africa, South America - Andes Region from North America Rim of the World Operations.

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Last but not least, ethical integrity through impartiality and proficiency in providing certification services  that aligns with an independent and true consumer-centric purpose accreditation.

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BRS® U.S.A. is a  compact focused web pages, this is as it from where it departs and remains with the purpose of true consumer-centric purpose.

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