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America; Canada, USA and Latin America Services that extend across America

In a global collaborative effort  BRS leads a body of exclusively certified professionals conducting accredited assessments spanning the Globe, in Latin America extending from Canada, USA, and Mexico to the Andes and to the MercoSur regions. Western Europe, Euro Asia, Asia Pacific, North America, Andes Region and South America For pricing visit our page Fees

  • For Registry of organizations in Mexico; visit the North America Registry
  • For Registry of companies in South America, requires inquiry

As a global team, we are looking forward to the collaboration with exclusively certified professionals carrying BRS' values and mission. In BRS we are about values and mission to protect our client-organizations which in turn protects communities and consumers. In fulfilling our vision we seek to be the most favorable option for client - organizations as we do not strive to be the biggest or the most number of certificates issued, thereof our focus is not about billing and invoicing, is about protection and collaboration. 

For pricing visit our page Fees.

BRS® ROWO (Rim of the World Operations) California having worked in regions across the world has built a unique talent of professionals carrying our values, vision and mission. ROWO's attention continues to be in the business process in support of its global network of professionals worldwide.

We're thrilled with our solid and slow growth as we meets our vision in regions of Latin America.

As a USA based certification body with central operations in Southern California and with delegates and assessment team members in the East and West of the USA.

    BRS® conducts conformity assessments ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485, ISO 22000, ISO/IEC 27001, HACCP MS, Preventive Controld, OSHMS OHSAS, Social Accountability, CFR - Code of Federal Regulations, and product marking.

BRS® network of professional certified assessment - auditors carry the most years as professionals with experience in the industry and they are passionate about protecting client - organizations and following BRS® mission, values and vision to purpose.

BRS® vision is to become the most favorable option to client - organizations; we do not to pursue reaching thousands of clients vision expresses.  We carry no other businesses that create conflict of interest in impartiality or competence. Our accreditation arrangements truly understands conflict of interest arrangements and thus verifies and monitors that our activities do not become part of a protocol of conflicting interest and that threatens impartiality. To this effect, BRS carryout inspection, product mark, management systems certifications, and designs - develops advanced training venues that are approved - certified for independent recognized entities to conduct.  




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