ISO 13485
ISO 9004
SOx ISO 9001

improving performanceISO 9004 provides guidance for organizations helping to benchmark QMS ISO 9001.

Some thoughts for organizations to consider when pursuing performance improvements:

  • Identification and setting objectives for the implementation of actions toward improvement,
  • Customer-centric contractual agreement, regulatory requirements and legal obligations,
  • Assisting in focusing on management to provide resources
  • Issues relevant to assessment and management of risks
  • Improving product realization through processes and measurement analysis
  • Guides to benchmark other generally acceptable specifications and standards, regulatory requirements and legal obligations,
  • Identifying project management to achieve progressive and continual improvement

dashboard for improvingISO 9004 helps to improve performance on the basis of the eight (8) principles on which the series ISO 9000 is based:

    1. Customer-focused organization
    2. Leadership
    3. Involvement of people
    4. Process approach
    5. System approach to management
    6. Continual improvement
    7. Factual approach to decision-making
    8. Mutually beneficial supplier relationships (supply-chain)



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