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BCMS verifiedISO 22301 sets the stage allowing organizations to incorporate best-practices Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) as integral part of the organization's Risk Management  (RM) or Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) programs. Through third-party assessment BRS can attest and verify the validation of best-practices business continuity - disaster recovery management applying BRS P|E|R|M approach; P|E|R|M is prevention - elimination - reduction - mitigation approach while focusing the BCMS risk-based prevention in adherence to laws and regulations. This enables organization to demonstrate adherence to regulations as part of a consumer-centric focus.

How can BRS BCMS based current Annes SL based ISO 22301 can help?

  • Based on BRS P|E|R|M, BCMS certification provides evidence to stakeholders the ability of an organization to prevent threats, eliminate threats, reduce impact of threats, and recover from worst case scenario.
  • Reduce impact on resources at the bottom-line as confidence is build, when impartial and competent assessors with bearing a dignify purpose inspect and investigate through assessment your organization's practices.
  • Increasing predictability and strategies help assure confidentiality of information and business continuity.
  • A basis to view the organization from a contemporary view and which serves to employee awareness.
  • Respectful focus to interested parties and stakeholders.
  • Adherence to contractual agreements and to legal and regulatory mandates.

BRS can focus on third-party attestation as we do not provide training (in-house or public) or consulting, this provides the one of the basis to impartiality ways to respect your organization's processes as the BCMS is layout. This provides for entrepreneurial innovation as changes in laws and regulation occur, market tendencies renovate in a world of continuous discontinuance of tehchnology.

BCMS is compatible with other management systems, as it addresses;

  • Objectives of BCMS
  • Overall Policy and specific policies
  • Management Commitment
  • Documentation and controls
  • Internal controls to assure its effectiveness
  • Continual operational and administrative enhancements
  • Outline actions based-prevention, while addressing corrections and corrective action


Relational Note:

ISO 22301 is an adaptation of BS 25999, as these British Standard set metrics for business continuity and for BRS integral to the protection of communities and consumers for which BRS is accredited. Once British Standard 25999 provided the basis for ISO 22301, then British Standard 25999 is withdrawn. 


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