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Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), a need for certification [HACCP - HARPC MS] with validation and USA legal mandate FSMA

Through HACCP MS CertificationThe requirements set forth in the USA are for organizations that operate within the food supply chain and the need to implement, periodically review the effectiveness of the HACCP - HARPC 21 CFR 117 (Preventive Controls) program. Failure to review, act and control can have legal effects. As a third party assessment-auditing organization in HACCP - HARPC we can contribute through assessments and attestation of the effectiveness of your safe food practices. BRS publish descriptive documents (HACCP MS ad HACCP HARPC MS, Preventive Contriols) that can help your organization to implement, achieve and attest an effective HACCP / Preventive Control program.

BRS provides HACCP - HARPC (Preventive Controls) Certification through a comprehensive assessment of your organization's HACCP program effectiveness to produce and service safe foods with preventive controls. BRS HACCP - HARPC Certification encompass validation of the HACCP Plan either as exclusive or inclusive to HACCP - HARPC MS (integrates minimal 21 CFR 110 and 21 CFR 120) and HARC is 21 CFR 117. The assessment program requires that the basics, fundamentals and from thereon improve safe foods practices and methods HACCP - HARPC (preventive controls). The assessment toward certification is arrange in two Phases, which allows for a progression to establish, implement and sustain an effective safe food HACCP - HARPC program to the specifics of your organization. For BRS to carryout accredited certification activities we need not to conduct consulting to the program to be assessed and certified.

In conducting HACCP - HARPC assessment, attestation and certification, our comprehensive audit report will identify potential hazards for the organization to act in risks control to advance through a proactive program through corrections and updates leading onto performance improvements.

Additional Information:

Favorably, the food, drink and service industry, where safety is essential, progresses to the proactive approach, and is departing from the food safety reactive approach. At BRS we have establish the very well accepted acronym "PERM" (Prevent - Eliminate - Reduce - Mitigate, if can't be done then get out of the business).

In addressing food safety within the food and drink supply chain, The USDA, FDA, CBP C-TPAT has emphatically adopted and requires "Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)" based operations. BRS provides HACCP Management System certification for organizations to demonstrate competence in managing HACCP. We have chosen to stay outside the main stream of the dozens, if not hundreds, of food safety schemes so we can focus on service and protection of communities and consumers, we are signatory and bwaerer o the GOB; we carry accreditation through the The GOB | GCC Public Trust.

    Note: There are among dozens of other food safety programs these include SQF, Guelph, HACCP-9000, NOP, SQF, BRC, IFS, GFSI based, QFI, FSMS, FDA, USDA, PAS220, Synergy 22000 and dozen more others to chose from worldwide. 

The FDA, through FSMA, requires HACCP within the low-acid canned food industry and the seafood, and expands in requiring HACCP for importers and organizations directly in the food supply within the USA with HACCP requirements whether large, medium, and small business, with very small business implementation require to take effect from January 20, 2004.

The USDA, which regulates meat and poultry, equally requiring competence and implementation of HACCP for the meat and poultry processing plants since January 1999. HACCP continues as a tool to help protect the inadvertent inclusion of food hazards, whether biological, chemical or physical in the food supply chain, and equally including both domestic and imported food products.

    Further, The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) Institute of Medicine issued a congressionally mandated report in April 2003, which stated that meat and poultry regulation in the development of food-safety criteria should be science based and tied to the public health objectives.

    Brand names such as Nestle, Danone, PepsiCo, Pfizer, Wyeth... and the United Nations UNIDO, conformity assessment - certification, and accreditation bodies requires competence in compliance with impartiality they contact recognized entities bearing the BRS approved programs. We conduct compliance, validation, inspections as these raise competence and demonstrate risk reduction within the food supply chain.

The basis for third-party certifications need to meet the impartiality and competence tests, which BRS meets as part of its accreditation in quality and risk management systems. HACCP - HARPC MS (HACCP - HARPC Management System) certification serves as a recognition program for organizations to demonstrate competence in HACCP through an impartial internationally recognizable third party, BRS. BRS is a truly legitimate US legal entity, which provides organizations to demonstrate food safety competence through HACCP MS locations extend from Asia Pacific, Euro Asia, and North America. HACCP MS implementation requires consideration to 21 CFR 110, 120 and other legal obligations which includes current FSMA.

Why Choose HACCP MS / HACCP HARPC MS (Preventive Controls)?

  1. Addresses FSMA based cGMP 21 CFR Part 110, Part 120 and others that relate to your role in the food supply chain to help your organization establish and validate the HACCP program.
  2. Thereof, combines regulatory requirements from the point-of-origin as well point-of-sales.
  3. HACCP Management System Specification applies to the processors and agriculture within the food-supply-chain.
  4. If your organization seeks to validate a HACCP Plan / Program.
  5. A third-part (confidence in competence and impartiality) certification with surveillance assessments to assure adherence to global benchmarks in safe food
  6. When needed to fuse with other specification of international character to environmental responsibility, social accountability, and risk related others.
  7. BRS is precursor of the "P|E|R|M" Principle.
  8. HACCP - HARPC MS applies basic and fundamental sound principles encompassing the well recognized principles from CODEX in benchmarking the US Code of Federal Regulations.
  9. The process involves a rigorous protocol to assure competence of the organization by exclusive, impartial and competently qualified assessors.
  10. We provide documents to assist in your organization's self-assessment, audit verification in raising the bar to promote update and improvement the HACCP MS program that focus on consumer-centric purpose with impartiality and integrity.

Visit FDA State-of-the-art Approach to Food Safety, which BRS takes further by rigorous and stringent requirements that as well as protecting your brand, equally protects BRS as a brand in food safety. Organizations such as Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Danone, PepsiCo, ConAgra Foods, Pfizer... and other name brands participate in BRS designed programs worldwide. For latest information on Food Safety.



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