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Inspection, Audits, Surveillance and Expediting for Supply Chain Assessment - Auditing

BRS inspection and assessment - auditing services extend throughout most continents includes in certification programs adhering to regulations and contractual requirements to combine a team that works toward your organization's objectives and goals on a project basis.

BRS professionals possess technical and pragmatic experience in system assessment and product verification. BRS applies team work, experience and processes to assess supplier capabilities to meet your requirements as well to assure consumer protection. Some of the expertise within our team includes construction engineers, chemists, microbiologists, nuclear specialists, security, law enforcement, maritime, food engineering, medical sectors, professionals in quality, environmental, health, safety... are BRS exclusive worldwide.

    These activities will focus on specific products, processes, activities, systems to assure the competence of the organization. This may include, but is not limited to quality, environmental, health, safety, security, compliance, legal obligations and contractual agreements.Inspections, surveillance, and expediting

    In reducing the potential for delays in deliveries, BRS world operations provides qualified professionals to actively oversee and if needed to assist to assure objectives for deliveries through any given supply-chain. Worldwide operations includes BRS exclusive professionals in Europe, Euro Asia - Eurasia | Türkiye, Middle East, Asia Pacific, Korea, Malaysia, India, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Mexico, South America, Canada, California Massachusetts, Florida...

BRS mission, values and vision focus on value assessments - inspections, conformance and consumer protection to provide your organization with a valuable assessment of your supplier's capability within your specific supply chain. And to identify areas to act to enhance the specific supply chain as this result from analysis in ways for the suppliers to effectively and efficiently improve.

    Within our services we can provide expediting services that encompass the necessary actions to maintain deliveries, as contractually agreed. Assurance by over viewing the delivery processes and its progress, the role of the "expeditor" is active. The project assigned professional verifies and reports the status of materials and activities to the agreed program and also actively interacting to assess and inform possible delays or "bottlenecks". The expediting role also intervene through advise, assessments, and influence through conveying a sense of urgency as the need rises.



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