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BRS Since 2018 BRSTM does not operate third-party activities in Euroasia, Middle East, and North Africa.

For legitimate specific BRSTM third-party services we provide up-to-date explicit authority from California, USA. All validation, certification, inspections, and brand services are California USA based Rim of the World Operations (ROWO). If and when Eurasia, Middle East & North Africa regions are activated (back-on-line), in some future, we will keep this page updated.

    BRS third-party working activities need be BRS authorized and ROWO supervised.

    Let it be known that BRSTM does not provide third-party conflicting activities such as in-house training, open-public training, consulting, or internal administration of validated or certified programs.

Established in 2003, BULLTEK Registration Services (BRSTM) LTD, Inc. provides third-party activities that client-organizations adhere to applicable laws, regulations, and contractual arrangements through internationally recognized and generally accepted benchmarks. Benchmarks that are descriptive-certifiable, as applicable to magement systems. Management systems that includes environmental, quality in service and products, safe foods, health, safety, security and similar disciplines and within numerous industries across the world.

We reiterate that California Rim of the World Operations is BRSTM centralized and legitimately authorized third-party activities body. This is to assure that our third party activities are carry with our mission, values, and vision to a noble and honorable purpose based-accreditation; honorable based-accreditation to protect community and consumers within free-market economies.




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