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BRS Euro Asia in collaboration. lead the assessment - audit teams are expanding BRS accredited certifications. For client-organizations, as these link to the specific region, Western Europe , Euro Asia, Australasia - Asia Pacific, North America and for Euro Asia (link below), for the Region of Middle East and North Africa contact us. For pricing visit our page Fees. .


Istanbul, where god and human, nature and art
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Allophones De Lamartires


Eurasia is currently inactive as a BRS® region, yet part of the management team resides within the Region.

BRS Middle East & North Africa (ME&NA) - Arzyaaban Keyfyiat Saz Co. for the official region's representative for BRS® in Euro Asia and Middle East & North Africa. For specific ME&NA Region's address and phone contact us

  • For Registry of organizations in Euro Asia Region and inquiries, <click here>.

As a global team, we collaborate as one-team across the World, carrying a accreditation through a unique organizational structure best-in-class validation, inspection and certification third-party services.

    BRS® ROWO (Rim of the World Operations) California working in regions across the world has built a unique talent of professionals carrying our values, vision and mission to a dignify purpose. ROWO's attention continues to be in the business process in support of its global network of professionals worldwide abiding to the charter of our accreditation platform focusing in true protection of communities and consumers. As sugnatory and bearer to a public trust for accreditation we bear local to international reach, to this effect we act locally while thinking globally.

    BRS® is USA-based certification body with central operations in the Mountains of Southern California and with delegates and assessment team members in the East and West of the USA. The BRS Regions are integral part of BRS®.

BRS® assessments for validation, inspection and certification includes a gamut of programs; QMS ISO 9001, EMS ISO 14001, QMSMDD ISO 13485, FSMS ISO 22000, FSMS HACCP MS, FSMS HACCP - HARPC MS - Preventive Controls, BBV ISO 10668, ISMS ISO/IEC 27001, BCMS ISO/IEC 22301, SMS ISO/IEC 28000, OSHMS ISO 45001, Social Responsibility & Accountability (SR&A), et al based regulatory affairs practices. BRS® LLC ME&NA adheres to international convention, as regions choose to carry local accreditation. BRS® regions are signatory and bearer to a U.S. based public trust for accreditation. 

    If your organization has to forcefully and compulsory carry certification of management system, BRS well may not be the most favorable option. If your organization seeks consumer - centric effectiveness through management systems, inspections of product and validation, BRS may well be consider as the option of choice.

BRS© professionals bear competence with the necessary qualifications onto proficiency, as assessors, and passionate about protecting client-organizations. BRS® assessment-auditors are exclusive bearing a noble and honorable purpose strengthen by mission, values and vision. These provide "adding-value-assessments" while exercising due-care.

BRS MENA Trump Tower Office, IstanbulBRS® vision is to become the most favorable option to client - organizations; we are not in the pursuit to become all for everyone. We have reached issuance of thousands instruments of attestation as our goal and vision states. We carry no other business than third-party working activities, in this way we create no conflict of interest and our impartiality remains ethically integral. This is why we can truly provide consumer-centric accreditation certification and validation. Our programs are under continuing verification and monitoring for our activities protocol prevent conflicting interest that threatens impartiality. In complying with accreditation protocols and not having to concede to pressures of special interest we can provide competitive third-party services worldwide in addressing needs of the regions of Euro Asia, Middle East and North Africa. 





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