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Transfer or extend your Registration to and with BRS

You can transfer an existing valid accredited certification to BRS with minimal complications, cost and most likely maintaining the same assessment time schedule.GOZ Eye Hospital transfers certification to BRS...

    Consumer-centric purposes is within the bound of purpose we carry exercising due-diligence. When a given organization utterly fulfills a consumer-centric purpose we will do what s needed to make sure the protocol flows smoothly as viable and feasible. As usual it begins with no-cost, no-obligation budget, giving a clear commitment for the transfer or extension with transparency in costs. Be aware of your organization's mandated and forceful commitment to a given third-part provider.

Transferring registration services is a straightforward process. BRSTM management reviews the request of transfer and favorably completes an initial investigation, from an organization with a valid accredited certificate of registration.

Extending third-party certification, management system, requires that you demonstrate a valid certification from another source, review resorting, recommendation and decision onto grant an issue the certificate of registration.

    BRSTM management review requires that an Assessment Team Leader (ATL), an exclusive BRS Professional, reviews previous assessment reports and status of pending actions, whether any of our world regions.

Once upon completion of a transition assessment, the assessment team generates a recommendation to BRS Rim of the World Operations or keep recording for a local accreditation entity for Management acceptance and inclusion of your organization to BRS Management.

    Requirement Note: Your current registration certificate must have been provided by a recognized body for QMS ISO 9001, QMS MD ISO 13485, EMS ISO 14001, FSMS ISO 22000, HACCP HARPC MS, OSHMS | OHSAS, ISO/IEC 27001, Social Responsibility | Accountability or QMS in Healthcare to QHCS (Quality Health Care System).

Relation to Cost

Expect costs similar or perhaps lower to your upcoming surveillance assessment, one of the reasons is that our accreditation is U.S.A. public trust based and requires compliance to antifraud, anticorruption and antitrust laws, as these are bound within true free market.




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