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These links are courtesy to the entities with  "Recognition" status to conduct "Approved" training venues for 2015:

BYU Pathways Program On-LineFor a complete educational pathway on-line program contact the University of Idaho Pathway Program 

Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) Medical Laboratories
ISO 15189, ISO/IEC 17025 and others in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 2012 through DIM, ITM and
BRS Academy only operating in the Middle East. Also, ISO 29990 2010 in Istanbul during 2015.

Information Security Management ISO/IEC 27001 "Assessment - Auditor Team Leader" (Lead Auditor) in Jakarta, Indonesia , contact Prinsip Mahir Sdn Bhd.

For Lead Auditor / Assessment Team Leader
Food Safety ISO 22000 or any of its variants FSSC, SQF, IFS, BRC and many more... While HACCP HARPC,  integral to US Law and regulations there are programs that will help make the food supply safer based  3-days Workshop, for information, please identify your world region so we can recommend  openly and unbiased;
contact us

2012 ISMS ISO/IEC 27001, QMS ISO 9001,
FSMS ISO 22000, FSMA, HACCP - HARPC - FSVP, Pharma NOM-059-SSA1, EMS ISO 14001, AS9100 and many other venues in Mexico City, contact the recognized entity
Global Systems and Enterprise Solutions

"Food Defense - Food Security"
throughout Canada - USA - Mexico, in Spanish and English through special arrangement
Next Step Business Education Ltd.

Dubai, UAE, Information Security Management System 
(ISMS) ISO/IEC 27001. Also inquire on QMS ISO 9000 / ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 15189 and FSMS ISO 22000 Food Safety special venues, to re-direct your e-mail please <BRS Academy>.

Food Safety Management Systems HACCP MS Assessment Team Leader - Lead Auditor training venue in 2012 by recognized entities including Central Advisory System Sdn Bhd and Prinsip Mahir Sdn Bhd (603 - 3323 1126 / 1129), Malaysia.

In Europe 2011, Assessment Team Leader Auditor ISO 22000, ISO 14000 and ISO 9000 - ISO/IEC 17025 at the recognized entity to conduct approved courses, Universities of Granada and Zaragoza. For contact visit the Recognized entity WS or Recognized event coordinators.

FSMS ISO 22000 for regulatory application HACCP - HARPC  Implementation programs in USA (California), UK, and Canada.

Florida, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and California ISO 22000 Assessment Team Leader course through special arrangements with Bulltek Ltd .

Euro Asia; Istanbul, Turkey / Türkiye, Cypress, Amman Jordan 2011 QMS ISO 9000 | ISO/IEC 17025, FSMS ISO 22000,
HACCP MS, FDA QSR, EMS ISO 14000 Audit Team Leader (ATL) | Lead Assessor - Auditor courses

Asia Pacific and Pacific Rim... programs in HACCP HARPC MS and QMS ISO 9000 | ISO/IEC 17025, FSMS ISO 22000, and EMS ISO 14000 Audit Team Leader (ATL) | Lead Assessor - Auditor courses; to redirect e-mail visit Recognized Entity

Courses in Mexico - Food Defense, FSMS ISO 22000 ATL | Lead Auditor,  ISO 9000 Audit Team Leader (ATL) - Lead Auditor and ISO 14000 courses by the Food Safety Network, University of Monterrey and the BMX SC organization
contact or

ISO 9001 Sarbanes - Oxley, Beyond Compliance; Philadelphia, PA | SESW106 - ASQ, Combined Audits by GlobalNet Oversight Board (GOB) Secretariat

Training Venues

BRSTM designs and develops advanced training for the qualification of BRS exclusive internal professionals. BRS does not provide public or in-house training nor we provide consulting to prevent risk-based conflict of interest.

To this effect other entities carry recognition to conduct approved and accreditation based training venues, sample information is seen on the right-column. This provides an ethical and moral mean to assure impartiality in third-party certifications, validations and inspection activities based LSP ISO 29990 and ISO/IEC 17024 accreditation.



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