OHSAS 18001

OSHMS ISO 45001 provides a management tool for the administration and control of occupational Safety and health (OS&H), as it is integral to Loss Control Prevention and with other management systems publications. The current published version of ISO 45001 is a management tool to help in adherence with regulatory compliance. At BRS we address regulatory compliance in addressing OSHMS ISO 45001. In countries like the U.S.A. wherein a strict and rigorous Codes of Federal and State Regulations OSHMS ISO 45001 provides a tool for defining, establishing, implementing and reviewing OS&H in manners to help in consistency with national and local regulations. As result, OSHMS ISO 45001 certification is a helpful mean to objectively demonstrate competence through impartiality, which is on the rise "the rule of law".

    In the U.S.A. the general Federal Code of Regulation is 29 CFR 1910 and applicable sectors such as construction 29 CFR 1926, 1904 and local State Regulatory Programs such as CAL/OSHA, OR, NC OSHA...as equivalent within State or Country local the applicable laws and regulations.

The Specification is attune to other management systems requiring top management drive as a mean to comply with local regulations in prevention of accidents, promote good health and a basis to update and improve.

BRS provides certification based-accreditation for current OSHMS ISO 45001 specification and applicable to organizations to:

  • Establish an Occupational Safety & Health Management System (OSHMS) to manage and control these risks in adhering to regulations and contractual agreements,
  • Fulfill the organization's OS&H / OH&S Policy,
  • Demonstrate competence, due-care, due-diligence to employees and others,
  • Implement, maintain, update with the intent to improve business performance through the OSHMS,
  • Seek third party impartial certification of its OSHMS based OHSAS or similar in accordance to legal obligations

ISO 45001, assessment assists in business performance, as it provides a basis to control, manage and minimize risk to employees and visitors. Update to an existing OHSMS demonstrates competence , due-care, due-diligence as a mean to gain assurance in OS&H MS | OSHMS.

The OS&H Management System (OSHMS) supports the enterprise in a culture of safety as a means to business sustainability and continuity, as integral part of loss control prevention objectives, continuity planning.  

The Benefits:

  • Help maintain employee health, well-being and morale,
  • Internationally recognized and generally accepted specification, as the basis for our accreditation,
  • Easily assessed within existing management systems,
  • Provides evidence that the organization adheres to legal obligations, regulations and contractual requirements,
  • Reduces occupational hazards through analysis and activities,
  • Reduces regulatory inspections, worker's compensation, absenteeism, and may help reduce liability insurance premiums,
  • Consistency in assessments,
  • When appropriately implemented ways to simplifies in adherence to law are sought in manners to reduces bureaucracy

BRS is an accredited highly respected worldwide organization because of its consumer-centric purpose and service quality. BRS exclusive professionals work with client-organizations and governments to ensure that management systems are appropriate, adequate and effective to assure continuous updates leading onto performance improvement in meeting continuos challenges within the free market.



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