ISO/IEC 27001
ISO/IEC 27002
ISMS Protocol

Security of Information

security...BRS ISMS | ISO / IEC 27001 certification with controls and implementation, which specifies the requirements for implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining, updating and improving an Information Security Management System as relates to an organization's business activities. ISMS provides a basis to manage risk and compliance to legal obligations and regulations.  

For implementation, an organization needs to consider:

  • Formulation of security requirements and objectives,
  • Analysis of security risks and providing resources,
  • Formulating conforming to regulatory | legal requirements (e.g. Basilea II, Sarbanes Oxley, GLBA, HIPAA...),
  • Establishing measurable objectives and that these propitiates as basis for improving,
  • Identify, establish, implement, maintain and improve information security management through a process approach,
  • That management applies as the basis for reviewing, acting, preventing and improving performance,
  • Implementing an audit program to demonstrate the effectiveness of the management system ISMS,
  • Providing information on security, vulnerabilities and otherwise to stakeholders, and
  • Dynamically reviewing of policies and objectives

ISMS registration is achievable by the implementation of internationally recognized and generally accepted benchmark ISO / IEC 27001. ISMS objectively demonstrate effective implementation, maintaining and improving based on contemporary and internationally recognizable security of information management systems while addressing compliance to legal obligations and regulations.

Benefits that ISO / IEC 27001 can provide:

  • Set forth compliance to legal obligations, compliance to regulations and that contractual requirements are met
  • Provide the fundamentals that your organization carries security of information with competence; credibility and trust
  • Reduction and minimize privacy and security risks
  • Assess, compare and attest to security controls
  • Provides evidence to due diligence in fulfilling legal obligations and regulations
  • Reassures consumers, employees, stake holders and others with controls that the information is secured not only by technology but by enforced policies
  • Establish, implement and communicate in following information and technology principles and methods
  • Set forth effectiveness position in continuance of technology
  • Effectively manage cost for security and privacy of information
  • Provides a platform that customers, employees, partners, et al stakeholders can understand for the security of information
  • Determines to the extend that contractual agreement, regulations and legal obligations are me
  • Cost savings; a single information security breach can entail significant costs

These are only feasible through a competent certification body with a legally binding purpose, such as BRS.


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