Canadian Forestry and Sustainable Certification Coalition

BRS understands issues relating to forestry and preservation of natural resources first-hand, as the Rim of the World Office resides amidst a National Forest Reserve. We are involve and understand issues that relate to forestry management within the USA, Canada and other world regions.

The establishment of the Canadian Sustainable Forestry Certification Coalition is a benchmark with the purpose to "promote the use of internationally recognized sustainable forest management certification standards in Canada in order for Canadian producers to continually move towards sustainable forest management, secure a sustainable supply of raw material, and to ensure marketplace acceptance of Canadian forest products".

Visit The Coalition's web site detailing certification information as follows:

  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard;
  • Canada's National Sustainable Forest Management Standard;
  • The Sustainable Forest Initiative;
  • The Forest Stewardship Council;
  • Certification status in Canada;
  • What buyers need to know about certification standards; and
  • Linking to other informative resources


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