rumhora adiantiformisWith client-organizations experience with location within DR-CAFTA in Costa Rica, Central America's Rain Forest, BRS ISO 14001 benchmark is an achievement in environmental enhancement and pollution prevention. By reviewing BRS criteria for EMS benchmark ISO 14001 registration the organization opted to use only environmentally friendly chemicals (referring to "green band"), which they did not use exclusively before implementation of EMS and achieving certification. This helped save in operational costs.

    A long committed to making the agricultural activities of planting, harvesting, packaging and shipping with enhancements in research, plague control, for the export of rumhora adiantiformis (leather leave fern) while meeting the best-in-class environmental benchmark EMS ISO 14001:2004. To achieve BRS ISO 14001:2004 registration it took three (3) years in establishing, implementing and sustaining a system that would measure to best-in-class worldwide. "BRS prestigious certification means we have a standard with the breadth and depth of our environmentally friendly system".

In consultation with distributors for North America, European and Japanese exports, BRS was the chosen partner for its values, mission, recognition and unique adding-value protocol with community and consumer centric through a legally binding Charter. Further, to assist in confidence BRS invited a European Accreditation partner to witness the assessment-auditing. BRS carries accreditation as signatory and bearer through the GOB Accreditation Platform .


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