EMAS...EMAR / EMAS, Eco-Management and Audit Regulation / Scheme:

This is an European Council Regulation Nr. 761 of 2001, allowing for a voluntary participation by the industrial sector through our European Certification Partner, a benchmark. BRS provides third-party assessment services for organizations that wish EMAS assessment.

Similar to ISO 14001 content, the most noted differences to EMAS / EMAR are:

  • Preparation of a public statement which needs be verified by an independent and competent body with EMAS accreditation such as BRS ensuring the accuracy of the information regarding environmental performance,
  • The organizations needs to initiate an open communication with the public and other stakeholders,  and
  • Requires that organizations comply with environmental regulatory requirements.

BRS, under accreditation, is a USA based certification body that conducts assessments and certify to EMAS (Nr. 761 / 2001) worldwide and in the EU under a European Division of BRS.



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