ISO 22000 is a internationally recognized and generally acceptable benchmark for the administration of regulatory requirements and legal obligations within the food supply chain; current 21 CFR 110 and 21 CFR 110, 21 CFR 117...basis for FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act). ISO 22000 Applies to organizations within the food supply chain that need to demonstrate competence in managing food safety, risks, update and preventive control, including:

  • Safe Foods Processing and Production,
  • Food Equipment Manufacturers,
  • Drinks and Beverages,
  • Nonfood Compounds (detergents, disinfectant, sanitation, cleaners, lubricants and others),
  • Restaurants and Food Retailers,
  • Seafood, and
  • Food Branding for Designations and Origins

BRS is a signatory and bearer of the Accreditation - Recognition to a legally binding covenant for the protection of consumers offering food quality and food safety certifications. From California we provide third party validation, inspection and certification consumer-centric services worldwide. Thereof, BRS operates on a Platform based ISO/TS 22003:2007 to attest to the requirements for food safety management [ISO/TS 22003 -- Requirements for Bodies Providing Assessment Auditing and Certification of Food Safety Management Systems, such as BRS].

Food Safety Management System (FSMS) ISO 22000 applies to organizations that implement practices, methods, and operations seeking to assure safe handling, processing, packaging, controlling, and otherwise safe food management system. Fulfilling the requirements of ISO 22000 enables an organization to:

  • Plan, operate, maintain and update a food safety management system aiming at providing products that are safe for the consumer;
  • Demonstrate compliance with applicable statutory and regulatory food safety regulations within both the point of origin and the point of sale;
  • Evaluate and assess market and customer expectations while demonstrating conformity with the food safety requirements, as to enhance customer experience;
  • Code of Federal Regulations... Food.... Department of AgricultureEffectively communicate food safety issues to stakeholders including contractors, suppliers, customers and relevant parties such as legal authorities within the scope of the food chain;
  • Ensure that the organization conforms to its own agreements and stated food safety policy and procedures;
  • Demonstrate conformance against a recognizable and accepted International Management System best practices and methods to interested and relevant parties;
  • Achieve certificate of registration status for food safety management system by an International Registration Body; and
  • Pursue continuous improvement against the organization's own indicators of performance.

Our FSMS ISO 22000 benchmark protocol for registration requires HACCP / HARPC (Preventive Controls) verification and validation Phase I and Phase II Registration thus completing FSMS validation, this is set forth in ISO/TS 22003 for accredited - recognized certification bodies.


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