CE Mark, product certificationThe CE Mark ("Conformité Européene") is a european only product distinctive mark, which provides conformity in accordance with specified requirements to specifically European "Directives" [different to "Certification of Entity"]. Then what is a (European) directive? A series of specific benchmarks expressing that product safety and relates to a Notified Body granting the "CE Mark". These Directives and granting of the CE Mark comes under a scheme set forth by the state countries within the boundaries of the European Union.

To what products do these directives apply?

In a broad sense, apply when there could be impact to safety and the safe operation of a product (or service). Applies to a wide variety of products, it is important to indicate that CE Marking directives invokes safety in protection of consumers, workers... safety and life:

  • Maritime Equipment and Devices
  • Medical Devices and equipment (MDD)
  • Electrical and electronic devices and equipment
  • Devices and equipment that require sustaining pressure
  • Machinery whether electrical, combustion or otherwise
  • Electrical and electronic equipment
  • Medical devices and equipment
  • Equipment for personal use relevant to safety / protection
  • Operational Devices / Equipment to be used within an area or exposed to explosives

If your product falls within the grasp of the European "Directives" then these are essential and you must adhere to the specification or standard in addressing these directives from design through delivery. The "Directives" itself, once obtained will indicate the requirements on whether attestation and product certification is required by a "Notified Body". What is a Notified Body? Is a third party independent service provider that is European capable and authorized by European accreditation to perform as the Directive requires (requires a Notifying Body) for product certification CE.

Can BRS help? BRS provides management systems and product assessment in accordance with FDA | CFR, approved training venues as part of certification protocols to demonstrate compliance and a viable sources for official attestation. As we are not USA based, we are not a Notification Body service provider to acquire  CE Marking. However, you can register your organization to meet the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and other European ISO based schemes leading onto CE Mark logo Mark.

Similarly to CE, we provide product mark through an attestation protocol as part of carrying a specific BRSTM Product Mark or attestation to your mark.




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