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At BRS we strive to exceed client-organization expectations through a consumer-centric partnership that begins at the onset of services and/or solutions, that infuses Business Management System (BMS)

Our mission determines that under a accreditation we are polite, courteous, ethical, competent, friendly, and make clear statements, we operate through a competent network team of exclusive
assessors-investigators-evaluators that exercise consumers-centric diligence.

Our purpose is to sustain a legally binding charter for the protection of consumers. For this reason we strive to contain costs and not to stretch billing days for client-organization, as we contribute to performance enhancements with integrity,

We are a forward-thinking organization that operates through proficient assessors; maintaining a global perspective reach
while acting local.

US organizations, take Note: Under US Laws BRS validation, inspection and certifications are tax deductible. As starter see 26 CFR specifically Section 261 - Capital Expenditures and
Section 162 Trade or Business Expenses. Our accreditation
 is USA Public Trust based from a  charitable and chartered nonprofit legal entity for the purpose to protect communities and consumers, and to promote, encourage and participate in product and service initiatives from America.


BRS provides support and third-party based-solutions that includes validation, inspection and certifications Management System Registration Flowservices to a range of scopes and programs through best Business Management System (BMS) practices. These includes quality, healtchare, food safety, medical devices, safety, security, and declaration of social responsibility-accountability. BRS is an accredited body, signatory and bearer to a legally binding consumer-centric public trust.

The BRS exclusive network of assessment professionals provides industry-sector specific experience within free markets for QMS ISO 9001, QMS MDD ISO 13485, Quality Healthcare System (QHCS), EMS ISO 14001, MPSO 18788. Food Safety ISO 22000, Security ISO/IEC 27001, BBV ISO 10668, Occupational Safety, and Social Responsibility & Accountability and other  programs, including CYBERSECURITY and special solutions.

Our third party accredited services are independent and impartial-objective; decisions are free of any bias and external influence (interest) and are objectively based. To this effect BRS services does not offer consulting or training activities internal or open to the public; this precludes conflict of interests.

We invite you to explore the difference that BRS provides based Business Management System (BMS):

  • QMS ISO 9001 Business Adding-Value, QMS MDD ISO 13485 with QHCS,
  • EMS ISO 14000 / ISO 14001 and EMAS EU Nr. 761/2001
  • FSMS ISO 22000,
  • Loss Prevention & Control
  • ISMS, Information Security Management System
  • OSHMS, Occupational Safety and Health Management System such as ISO 45001
  • Social Accountability
  • FDA cGMP CFR Requirements, and
  • Taylor-Made solutions

Access to the global management system community... ISO With global base of operations in North America, from the California at the Rim of the World Operations, we collaborate within a global team that extends from North America (USA - Canada - Mexico), from Florida to Washington and Alaska and from Maine to Hawaii, and globally to fulfill agreements including USMCA, DR - Free-Trade, through our exclusive team of professionals in Europe, Euro Asia (Eurasia) - Middle East & North Africa and Australasia - Asia Pacific.




Canada - California - Arizona - Idaho - Washington - Oregon - Nevada - pdf brochure (400kb)



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