Innovation, ethics, integrity and purpose have been the basis of our history, raises since 1984. In 2003 BRS began offering an innovative approach to third-party services that includes validation, inspection and management systems certifications. These services attest to facts based on legal and regulatory requirements and contractual agreement that is consumer-centric.

    Our mission is to provide services that are Friendly, courteous and adding-value with integrity as a certification - registration body since 2003.

Throughout our history, BRS expands from USA throughout America (North-Central-South), Australasia - Asia Pacific, Western Europe, Middle East, North Africa and Euro Asia. Our vision allows us to apply innovative methodologies and practices within the realm of consumer-centric purpose in today's free-market economy; as we seek to be the better option for client-organizations.

More detail on BRS history:

In 1982 we gain experience in BS 5750 parts 1, 2 and 3; the precursor to today's ISO 9001. In 1984 our network initiates activities as a legal entity operating in California USA. In 2004, BRS focuses its business activities in environmental (ISO 14001), quality (ISO 9001), energy (ISO 9001 - ISO 14001), occupational safety & health (OS&H) ISO 45001. In 2005 food regulations through ISO 22000, HACCP MS  and Preventive Controls, ISO 9001 management systems based on regulatory and legal obligations, and in 2006 QMS MDD ISO 13485 and QMS 9001 Healthcare (QHCS - Quality Health Care System).

Since 2006 BRS carries accredited certification and registration activities throughout worldwide jurisdictions. We are first to achieve accreditation ISO/IEC 17024 for certification of our third party professionals, fusing integrated management systems. In addition, we are first to achieve accreditation requirements ISO/IEC 17021 granted by a European National accreditation entity in 2004-2008 and completing transition to an international accreditation platform in 2009. We combine ISO/IEC 17021 with ISO/IEC 27006 and ISO/TS 22003 as part of our operating structure to conduct accredited management systems assessments. Through ISO/IEC 17020 and ISO/IEC 17065 we carry out inspection and product assessment work. We carry our certification business and innovative services through Europe, Euro Asia, Australasia - Asia Pacific and Across America from the Rim of the World Operations in the high altitude of the Southern California mountains. January 4 2009 the BRS Board of Officers decided to change accreditation system from the Dutch Accreditation Council (RvA) to the the entity of public trust GlobalNet Oversight Board (GOB), thereon each region is free to acquire additional accreditation locally. In the year 2009, we become totally accredited independent and impartial to protect communities and consumers, and to this effect gives the rise to the Rim of the World Operations (ROWO) to assure operations under one set of policies. ROWO integrates each of BRS staffing for worldwide operations that includes Managing Director Worldwide, Quality Assurance Manager, Assessment Program Manager, Technical & Security and Support personnel.

BRS is founded with inputs from dozens of organizations across the globe, as these indicated the specifics needs and expectations from assessment certification body. We are one of the most recently established accredited certification bodies, we focus in making management systems a unison approach between organization and systems. Our global teams carry the experience and competence of operations since 1984. Today we operate as a network of professionals in the pursuit of proficiency speared by the Rim of the World Operations throughout regional directors across the Globe, Quorum of the Regions.

The importance to our client-organizations firmly reflects are our two decades plus of continuos learning and growth; together with client-organization we protect the BRS brand sustained by a mission, values within a unique vision with a dignify moral purpose. We bear confidential agreements through BRS exclusive proficient professionals that protect the privacy of client-organizations. We do not divulge client-organization working insights, data or information

In year-end 2017 we celebrate 99.5% client-organization retention in North America and 97% worldwide, and continues to-date for independent and impartial accreditation program. Further, we are proud to inform that in 2010 we provided the first management system certification based Public Trust in Baghdad Iraq in collaboration with the United Nations Industrial Development (UNIDO) programs... and so we continue growth within the realm of the free-market in compliance to antifraude, anticorruption and antitrust based USA laws, as we exercise due-care in each of our working activities.

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