Spammers Plead Guilty, CyberCrime accross borders

Four individuals who evidently made more than $10 million as part of pump-and-dump spamming scam plead guilty to charges of fraud. The group of individuals, from Arizona, Michigan and Europe, promised 15 small companies that they can help these companies go public. As part of the scam, they e-mailed what appear press releases from bona-fide organizations (such as BRS - through the use of the domain-addresses under the name BRS) to drive up demand for the companies' stock, which drove up ("pumped") the stock prices. The individuals then sold ("dumped") the shares they previously purchased at the low price.

Lead by our group President, BRS Rim of the World Office in California, contributed to stopping this scam by the capture of this individuals. By reporting and triggering and investigation which lead to the capture, accusation, and guilt of the individuals causing this spamming pump-and-dump scam. After we intercept messages from the spammers and follow through some of the companies allegedly cooperating with this spam, BRS reported the information to Federal Authorities which proceed with an investigation, arrest, and convictions. BRS cooperates and abides by US legal requirements - includes US Patriot and BioTerrorism Acts, as well as other legal requirements as USA based organization.

These individuals, four (4) known to date, could spend up to 10 years behind bars (prison) and fines in excess of the money accrued from the scam. In addition to the four (4) from Arizona, Michigan and France other individuals are on the run as part of this scam. The four (4) individuals arrested already pleaded guilty. 

Cybercrime has gone global, in July 2008 the Department of Homeland Security has identified in at least from five (5) countries involving eleven (11) individuals were involved in the theft of 40 milion credit and debit card numbers stolen from nine (9) U.S. retailers according to the crages filed by the U.S. Attorney's office. The individuals operating from the U.S. found unsecured wireless open access and installed "sniffers" software on the network to capture account information and passwords. These individuals "cashed out" by creating dummy cards with the acquired information and withdrawing large ammounts of moneys from ATMs.

Like the individuals using the goodwill and reputation of BRS name, indictments were issued from Europe, the United States and other regions, and the moneys laundered through European banks. The indictments extend from the United States, Belarus, China, Ukraine, Estonia and other regions of Europe.

These cases, as the Michael Chertoff, Chief of the Department of Homeland Security announced and demonstrated how the Internet enables the globalizationn of crime. The stolen data was concealed in encrypted servers and the information as well sold here and abroad.



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