Organizations across the world believe that it's OK to file a trademark for a broad range of goods or services using other brand names, an illegitimate use of a brand. A few world regions are known for this illegitimate use of brand (names and logos-marks). The BRS brand is unique, registered under the USPTO (United States Patent & Trademark Office) and integral part of the Madrid Protocol to protect intellectual property, visit < >.

To the effect of the illegitimate use of patent & trademarks and the  use Assure that the trademark and logo are legitimateof brand and logos  surveys are randomly completed surveys of selected organizations of registered trademarks in order to verify their claims of use of a mark. This resulted in that in issues, as these relate to illegitimate use of trademark and logos-seals. These illegitimate registrations can be carried-out when without authorization a local organization registers a Trademark without authority in hopes that no one else outside the country finds out.

The relevancy and importance on the use patent & trademark bears great significance, as it includes appropriate fulfillment of legal, regulations, policies, procedure with the backing of a given specific brand. Also, local organizations use the Patent & Trademark of organizations in the believe that in a given and remote country no one will know and clients, buyers, consumers... may get adversely impacted.

If you have any doubt on the use of the unique brand name of BRS please contact us.



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About BRS International Registration Body: BRS is a wholly-owned US based corporation. BRS is a premier accredited international registration body providing adding-value management systems assessments that focus on competitiveness and reduction of risk. Our accredited management solutions adhere to ISO/IEC 17021, ISO/IEC 27006, ISO/TS 22003 and other management systems specifications to focus on legal obligations and regulations. BRS is an accredited QMS ISO 9001, QMS MDD ISO 13485, EMS ISO 14001, FSMS ISO 22000 - HACCP MS, OSHMS  ISMS ISO/IEC 27001, Social Responsibility - Accountability management systems solutions. BRS founded in 2003 derives from a network of professionals that operate from different world regions since 1984 with centralized operations residing at the Rim of the World Office, Running Springs, California with core delegates across the Globe