...friendly, courteous, customer focus, cost effective and adding-value-assessment services

Friendly, courteous, logical and competenr services... testimonialsThrough your organization's "dashboard" BRS A-V-A TM (adding-value-assessment) we attest and contribute to your organization's business performance through internationally recognized and generally accepted best-in-class benchmarks for the protection of communities and consumers; welcome to BRS Management Services.  

BRS provides 3rd and 2nd assessments for certification in manner that is professional, friendly, courteous, consumer and client-centric, cost effective and adding-value services through BRS exclusive professionals. BRS focuses on industry sectors for services, food, chemical, mechanical, medical, nuclear - radiological, energy, manufacturing, technology, mining, quarry, services, tourism, and others as signatory to the protection of communities and consumers (as we align with the Charter of an international accreditation platform). 

    BRS, operates with an exclusive network of professionals that provide experience to continuously contribute in raising the level of competency of client-organizations. We carry this endeavor through protection of consumer focus that seeks to add value through: Explaining Regulations, Myths and Facts on Certification, Management Systems Services, Inspections and Product Marking (Branding). BRS taps the resources of our many world regions of operations.

As a USA based certification and assessment body, our network of professionals provides expertise for third party services in the field / sector for benchmarks QMS ISO 9001, EMS ISO 14001 (EMAS), QMS MDD ISO 13485, QHCS Quality Healthcare System, FSMS ISO 22000, HACCP HARPC MS - Preventive Controls, OSHMS   ILO-OSH - ISO 45001, Federal Requirements, ISMS ISO/IEC 27001, Branding and Inspection activities. Also second party assessments for ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 15189 internal laboratories and Product Certification for:

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Disclaimer: If your organization has to forcefully and compulsory carry a management system certification, this needs be consider to decide - if a specific certification body or group of bodies are pre-chosen as imposed, then there will be no decision to make.

If your organization seeks a legally binding consumer - centric effectiveness through management systems, inspections of product mark (branding), even while carrying other certifications, BRS may well be a viable option of choice. BRS may equally complement other certifications.

  • Petroleum (refineries and hydrocarbons)
  • Food products, beverages and tobacco
  • Resins and polymers
  • Wood and related
  • Aerospace / Defense / Military
  • Pulp, paper and paper products
  • Engineering services
  • Chemicals and chemical products
  • Security & Law Enforcement
  • Rubber and plastic products
  • Government
  • Nuclear (ISO 9001 and applicable equivalents)
  • Paint and related
  • Agriculture
  • Laboratories and Medical
  • Mining
  • Financial
  • Education / Academia
  • Maritime (IMO - SOLAS)
  • Metals and fabricated metal products
  • Software (SQA)
  • Transportation, machinery, equipment
  • Information Technology
  • Electrical and optical equipment
  • Construction
  • Wholesale / distribution and retail trade
  • Transport, storage and communication
  • Hotels and restaurants, tourism
  • Medical and Health Services
  • Agriculture
  • Regulatory, including FDA, Conformity Assessments
  • CE Marking
  • Energy, including radiological and nuclear
  • Maritime


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