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Your products and services means all that your organization represents. Based ISO/IEC 17065, the BRS product mark provides recognition as a contributor to trust and confidence. The BRS product mark programs communicate a message specifically to convey your organization's commitment to the environment, quality, safety, health, security or social accountability with a consumer-protection-centric commitment..

Displaying the recognition and backing that BRS carries are likely seen:

  • Through distributors and retailers,
  • Service providers, and
  • Manufacturers

Further, what does the BRS product mark represents? Is a certification awarded to products or services that that have completed a rigorous verifications testing and attestations to publicly available specifications, and prominently marking these specifications as an agreements that is carried out with competence and impartiality. Each specification, whether quality, safety, security, health environmental needs be focus to the protection of the respective communities and consumers.

The scope of our Mark Services encompass:

  • Foods
  • Environmental
  • Quality
  • Health
  • Safety
  • Security
  • Loss Prevention & Control
  • Social Accountability


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