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A certified product needs to be attested that meets certain criteria carried by BRS, these may include safety, environmental and predetermined qualities with a consumer-centric focus. It certifies that a given products meets specific generally accepted and internationally recognizable criteria to which they are tested.

BRS product certification - recognition provides trust and confidence that the product meets the claims as impartial and competent professionals attest to the set forth criteria. The product range extends to those in protection of communities and consumers. To assure attestation, BRS certified professionals not only attest product by also assess the processes, study and analyze raw materials to assure that attestation of product and its processes are repeatable and reproducible.

To the effect of product certification we carry for food & beverages, environmental soundness and others, such as:  

ECO-HEALTH-SAFE™ is a mark specifically applicable to products that are ecologically conscious and health sound. Eco-Health-Safe has been developed upon the request of market demand for sustainability as well that  addresses health matters for residence and commercial applications. The cradle to grave lifecycle applies together with laboratory analysis to assure that the product is environmentally sound and health safe. To this effect we need to investigate and compile data and information in relation to the product, its application, lifecycle and register cradle to grave study needs to include an EAA professional as well adhering to the California Consumers Affair Programs such as California Integrated Waste Management Board, Air Quality and Water Quality.

ECO-HEALTH-SAFE™ includes the scope of our activities which among others includes construction, chemical, energy, foods, finished goods, and issues on potential national security based Eco-Terrorism.

Other marks are ECO-SAFE, ECO-RESPONSIBLE, ECO-COMMITMENT and similar for services and products.



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