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LHACCP MS Certificationocal and Regional Edition, BRS Inspection, Verification, Validation with Certification

BRS certification services extend from California to worldwide locations; with centralized activities at the Rim of the World Operations in Southern California. We provide tripartite based independent accredited inspection, validation and certifications once we attest that legal and regulatory requirements attune to internationally recognized and generally accepted programs specifications. These within the regions of the Pacific West; Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho... extending to the Pacific Rim, Europe, Asia Pacific, the Americas, and Euro Asia, Middle East and Africa, as an accredited certification body.

In the State of California the minimum requirement is for each food establishment to include a Certified Professional Food Manager. Depending on the size, complexity and hazards, including a Certified Professional Food Manager may not suffice, advancing your business organization to certify their food management system to HACCP HARPC MS (Preventive Controls) is an investment. Whether, services, restaurant, hotel, agriculture, et al , this investment raises the trust to consumer and your position within the food supply-chain. 

    The FDA and the US Custom Border Patrol (CBP) and USDA are equally requiring competence on HACCP and HARPC (Preventive Controls) for goods and food inbounds to the USA. BRS, as a US based legal entity, cooperates with authorities to assure food supply safety, and HACCP MS provides one of such tools. As a USA legal entity we need and are viable to collaborate with USA Government Entities and Federal Agencies.

As a leading authority in management systems for food safety (FSMS) ISO 22000, we provide HACCP MS and HACCP HARPC MS (Preventive Controls) assessment and certification helping organizations management systems to meet federal, state or municipal food safety requirements. For HARPC - Preventive Controls the requirement for Preventive Controls is FSMA Section 103 and 21 CFR 117. Upon organizations fulfilling HACCP - HARPC MS requirements BRS issues a certificate valid for three years. This certificate demonstrates your organization competence in managing food safety, which includes HACCP validation (in Spanish - Validación).

HACCP HARPC MS (Preventive Controls) Guidance Specification and HACCP MS Assessment Checklist are both available to clients upon request, as part of the auto-control process.

As an International Registration Body recognized as a leading authority in matters pertaining to risk and competitiveness. And includes assessments in conforming to recognizable international protocols such as QMS ISO 9001, EMS ISO 14001, European Regulations EMAS, FSMS ISO 22000, HACCP HARPC MS, FDA QSR, QMS MDD ISO 13485, QMS Healthcare, Occupational Health & Safety - OSHMS ISO 45001, ILO-OSH, Prevention Controls and others], Security of Information [ISO/IEC 27001 based ISO/IEC 27002], and Social responsibility Accountability (SR&A).



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