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Project Creedmoor - What is Project Creedmoor?Attest & Validate

Based on the experience from our worldwide experiences, going back to 1992, we have developed applicable techniques and methods for vulnerability assessment and personal security as well as for recreational activities.

As a third-party provider we validate and certify work activities by attesting events, records and related activities. Some of which may include specific events, distances, ballistics and other work (may be or not risk-based). In carrying this work we are backed as a signatory and bearer to public trust accreditation. This provides for an independent and recognizeable attestation, and these are carryout in adherence to applicable laws and regulations. Regardless, as a third-party independent and impartial entity we carryout evaluations and can recognize application of internationally recognized and generraly accepted methods for which we can attest, validate or certify. The planned, desired and implemented outcome are assurance of credibility results for interested parties to specific communities and consumers.

What is the protocol?

  • Request the Application,
  • Determination of viability and feasibility,
  • Presentation of Quote-Budget,
  • Presentation of the assessment team
  • Phase I is to verify adequateness in the application of methods and techniques,
  • Planning of the Phase II assessment,
  • Assessment based on the Phase I Application (methodologies and techniques),
  • Attesttation | Witnessing,
  • Reporting,
  • Recommendation,
  • Records of sustaining facts by indepent and impartial reviewers,
  • Issuance of the accredited Instrument of Attestation (Letter of Validation or Certificate)

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