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Detailed reporting BRS management system reports includes issues to improve your organization in the light of  international conventions and regional requirements under which your organization ascribes for registration. BRS reports are confidential and address legal requirements, under which as a US corporation, and we equally abide.  

We provide a report in encrypted e-media, when required. Alternatively, upon your preference, we can provide a hard copy report through a regional Global Network of certified professional. In addition to the basic information identifying your organization, BRS and the world exclusive assessment teams, reporting includes:

  • Brief Introduction (serving as an executive summary),
  • Data relevant to the planning for conducting the assessment - audit,
  • A compendium - synopsis of the assessment addressing section-by-section the international standard,
  • The result of the assessment expressing any actions that need to be taken, and
  • General information referencin as may be required a next assessment.

The BRS format assist in identifying the level of effectiveness in a format easy to read. When valuable and the organization permits, BRS includes digital photos (following our policies for confidentiality). Our reporting extends from  ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO 22000, HACCP MS and to regional specifics as example the California Fire Code (see Local Edition page). In was to assure that reporting is no pre-arrange / scripted  boiler plate.

When requiring the need for taking action

BRS simplifies the concept of action taking and adding value, when and as required, BRS reporting references actions that need be taken using the following conceptual terms:

  1. Type I Request to Act (RA, a "show stopper") – applies when the BRS assessment team finds objective evidence of a "system breakdown", such as infringing or non complying with legal or regulatory requirements or a section of contractual agreement based IRGA is not effective or incompatible with the organization's objectives and adverse to consumer. And for inspecion and validation services is similar. Organizations with a Type I needs taking action prior to reconsider to the recommendation to issue a certificate of registration.
  2. Type II Request for Action (AR) - in aligning with c-ISO/IEC 17021, Type II is an observation with agreeable times to act, which may apply as a lapse(s) in the implementation of a practivce or method or a potential infringement to an upcoming law. An AR carries no significant consequences to consumers, community, et al stakeholders. Under Type II, the organization fulfills the requirements of the contractual agreement which addresses laws and regulations. 
  3. Observation, Comments and Remarks are for organizations to decide on whether to act or not to act. Like Type II AR these are findings that may lead to a positive or a concern that may latter lead to an AR (or even RA).

For both Requests for Action Type I and Type II the BRS assessment team needs to identify the expected value-adding once action is taken. Both Requests for action Type I and Type II needs be followed up by the BRS certified assessment team to verify effectiveness of the action taken; Action for Type I needs be taken before advancing an organization or government department to a recommendation for certification - registration, and Type II is reviewed within upcoming surveillance assessment or as agreed.

An "Observation" is consider a possible source of information for preventive action - measures, which the organization is free to act.

We believe that the BRS reporting format provides simple yet understandable and consistent structure with the objective to add value as part of the assessment work (AVA).

    For product, facility verification, validation, outsourcing and relating inspection reporting we follow the same format and structure, in addition to the contractual and specific requirements.

For additional information about BRS reporting format please contact us by e-mail.



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