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Value-Adding -Assessments, ISO Management Systems applying  ISO Kaizen-Blitz principles INTEGRITY in ETHICS with a NOBLE and HONORABLE  PURPOSE

Through due-care and true independence we excercise due-care through proficient-professionals (PRO). As signatory and bearer to a USA governmental tripartie, a public trust, we abide to the Federal Trade Commission Act through a noble and honorable purpose, a public trust for accreditation, that:

  • Evaluate signatories and bearers excercise due-care to the purpose to protect community and consumers as a primary purpose with the freedom to enhance and optimize products and services available to consumers.
  • Maintains adherence to antifraud, anticorruption, and antimonopolistics laws while following international conventions for third-party activities, we provide assurances of adherence to stakeholders that include regulatory authorities, customers and clients within supply chains to utterly protect communities and consumers.
  • Operating within free-market economies we protect communities and consumers and we do not engage in lobbying practices or dependent of associates reviews. We are required to maintain indepedence from self-protection special interests (monopolistic practices).
  • Our public trust-accreditation provides stakeholders such as regulatory authorities, sector specific associations, customer, and communities to utterly protect consumers.

While excercising due-care we continuously deliver superior and sustainable value with integrity in ethics and openness in carrying out assessments for certification, branding, validations and inspections. These are based on our public trust based accreditation and best regulatory affairs practices, strengthened through our mission and values with vision.

Our expertise and integrity in validations, inspections and management systems solutions help in building a relationship of trust between BRS Rim of the World Operations in California, BRS regions and client-organizations as well as providing trust to regulatory authorities in favorably contributing to the supply chains. Our purpose is for the protection of consumers, and in this path to protect client-organizations' brand.

BRS integrity and expertise in applying applicable laws and regulations utilizing internationally recognized and generraly accepted benchmarks for inspection and product mark create value on the basis of our mission, values and vision with purpose. These provides to BRS professionals working assessment-audits to thrive with effect on the supply chains as to protect consumers. While we operate internationally we respect cultures, beliefs based on the sovereignty of nations.

Like most types of business, would like to score promotional points about "adding-value", in BRS we established, implemented and carryout a full system that support "adding - value - assessments, AVA". These are based on values and principles within a consumer-centric obligation within a free market economy.

    For us AVA is a complete concept supported within our global operational system. For more helpful information visit our colors . For BRS, the importance on ethics relates to impartiality reflecting true freedom from conflict of interest with a legally binding purpose. At BRS we strive to reduce bureaucracy and provide for improvement, and the client-organization chooses the path that will follow.

    For a certification - registration body carrying accreditation that provide a truly legally binding and valuable service; BRS does not engage in advising, administration of internal management systems or consulting with client-organizations or provides a one-package arrangement (from implementation through certification and administration of what has been certified). A credible and reputable certification - registration body must sustain its operational protocols through scrutiny based on its earned accreditation with purpose. This is why BRS is cautious in designating qualifications and granting certificates and only through a BRS exclusive professionals.

As a certification body | entity operating within free-market economies we operate in adherence to current versions of ISO/IEC 17065, ISO/IEC 17020 and ISO/IEC 17021 through accreditation protocols that equally encompass ISO/IEC 27006 and ISO/TS 22003 and ISO/IEC 17024 (for exclusive assessors proficiency) within consumer-centric obligation based accreditation.

    If your organization has to forcefully or compulsory carry certification of management system, BRS may well not be the most favorable option. If your organization seeks a legally binding consumer - centric obligation through validation, inspection, management systems, inspections of product mark, BRS may well be consider as the option of choice.

AVA also means that within the certification - registration protocols we provide beneficial discussions resulting from assessment with the client-organization for them to thrive on to improve and to be more responsive to innovation, reduction of risk, competitiveness, and other issues that relate to adding value. We tap our exclusive global network of professionals to advance through methodologies based on our experience with the likes of Toyota Production System (TPS), six sigma, just-in-time, and kaizen principles, that relate to world-class methodologies, et al best-in-class service practices. For this reason, it is essential that we operate in unison with client-organizations and accreditation system to effectively act for improvement with integrity and value. Our commitment is to provide value by helping in solutions that bring principles resulting in higher competitiveness, risk, innovation and simplicity.

Ethics and integrity, built on impartiality with the recognition of accreditation to assure fundamental values and mores in carrying out activities to attest that competence in a given field and that is valid. These activities (of regulatory affairs) includes conformity assessment - certification as we provide objective information to the process and for process owners to study, decide and act. Tacit knowledge on the application of internationally recognized and generally accepted benchmarks not to compromise our role as competent and impartial certification / registration partner. To this effect our global accreditation partner does not allow involvement in activities that may be construe conflict of interests to sustain a consumer-centric role with integrity in accreditation.

Integrity and the business we conduct are taken seriously through centralized BRS Board of Directors, continuously monitoring our activities on matters of integrity and values. BRS Regional Directors maintain openness, so that client-organizations, corporate officers, Rim of the World Operations based California Management and BRS exclusive professionals comfortably raise questions about any concern on integrity, values, mission, vision and purpose.




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