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ObjectivenessThe importance of objectiveness byway of impartiality requires true independence, as well as integrity in ethics and purpose, is carryout in our activities, operations and procedures. The consideration of of any potential conflict of interest to such extends of the law and binding requirements agreements in carrying out certification and inspections activities is understood throughout our exclusive global team of professionals. This is why we strive to proficiency.

    For BRS objectiveness deals with the expression of facts or conditions as perceived without the distortion of personal bias, specificity of feelings, prejudice, prearranged interpretations and factors of subjectiveness thus allowing a truth to surface based contractual arrangements to benefit our client product and services recipients. We follow the model proficiency, for which one of its initial steps is competence.

    In adherence to antifraud, anticorruption and antitrust laws we opt out of offering and conducting in-house and public training venues - only under special circumstances that address integrity in ethics we may grant open public training venues. Clarification; in-house training under current protocol agreement is construe same as consulting, and activity we do not carryout. We are accredited by a Public Trust, the GOB, with its foundations on antifraud, anticorruption and antitrust laws. As signatory to an independent accreditation entity we are free to act within the boundaries of IRGA (Internationally Recognized and Generally Accepted) benchmark such as applying ISO/IEC 17021 as guidance.

To the effectiveness of impartiality and in adhering to accreditation agreement includes in our values, mission and within our vision a code of ethics that its application is unsurpassable by industry. BRS professionals need to only adhere to our code of ethics as they do not freelance to conduct assessments to any others, they adhere to a code of professionals codes of ethics with integrity with custody from North America USA and Canada. Our professionals are qualified and certified through accreditation by benchmarking current ISO/IEC 17024 advancing beyond onto proficiency. In addition, our agreement as signatory to a legally binding charter inhibits conflict-of-interest in decision making and carrying out inspection, assessment and marking activities with objectiveness.

BRS conduct risk analysis as integral part of identifying, analyzing and acting to assure objectiveness in actions and decisions. To this effect we do not carryout activities that create conflict of interest such as consultancy and training to indoctrinate or to achieve certification.



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