ISO/IEC 17024, ISO/IEC 17021, ISO/IEC 17065 accredited programs - for registration | certifications, inspection, validation and product marking

BRS is a USA legal entity that provides accredited assessment services for inspection, validation and certification. As a certification - registration bod, founded in California USA in 2003, and since 2008 BRS is internationally accredited by the GOB Accreditation - Recognition Platform. The GOB Platform is an entity of Public Trust. Meaning that is U.S. based governmental tripartite, which encompass empowerement by the State of California, a the U.S. Department of the Treasury determined and supervised by the Justice Department to its legally binding consumer-centric charter. These provide authoritative operating accreditation - recognition abiding to antifraud, anticorruption and antitrust laws. To this effect, under GOB accreditation we equally abide and seek same from client-organizations. 

    Accreditation is a process under which a certification - registration entity (or body), such as BRS, earns by undergoing continual verifications of its competence, independence and adherence to the protocols and requirements set forth by international benchmarks ISO/IEC 17021, ISO/TS 22003, ISO/IEC 17020 and ISO/IEC 27006, while we apply principles that tie-in to our values, mission and vision to assure excellence in service. Further, our accreditation extends to ISO/IEC 17024 to assure the competence of BRS exclusive professionals to conduct certification, validation, inspection activities in adhering to Codes of Federal Regulations, QMS 9001, EMS 14001, QMS MDD 13485, Quality Healthcare QHCS, FSMS ISO 22000 and HACCP HARPC MS Preventive Controls, OSHMS BS OHSAS 18001 - ISO 45001, BBV 1068, ISMS ISO/IEC 27001, SMS 28000, SR&A and others for the protection of communities and consumers.

BRS has been first to obtaining ISO/IEC 17021 accreditation from a European National Accreditation Body in 2005 and sustained through transition as signatory to a USA legally binding Charter within an international Accreditation Platform since 2009. Ever since we kept first in updating or management practices and methods. Upon decision of the Corporate Officers, BRS provides accredited certification, and effective 2009 no longer provides RvA accredited certification. Since 2011 we operate adhering to version 2011 of ISO/IEC 17021. Each of BRS regions are free to acquire local accreditation, while operating through a legally bound global accreditation.

  • We maintain international reach accreditation, reiterating, through Public Trust, GlobalNet Oversight Board (GOB) Platform, in adherence to laws and regulations for the purpose to protect communities and consumers. The GOB assures that signatories and bearers carry confidence through proficiency with unsurpassable impartiality. As a Public Trust, the structure and operations of the GOB needs be transparent and that all funds are strictly to convey its consumer-centric Charter, and signatories and bearers to the GOB Platform need to convey this consumer-centric legally binding Charter. These need adherence to anti-fraud, anti-corruption and antitrust laws and regulations. To this effect BRS programs are accredited to carryout inspection, validation, branding and certifications which encompass current:
    • QMS ISO 9001 (and variants),
    • FSMS ISO 22000 (and variants),
    • EMS ISO 14001,
    • QMS MDD ISO 13485,
    • QMS Healthcare, QHCS,
    • ISMS ISO/IEC 27001,
    • SMS 28000,
    • EnMS 50001,
    • BBV 10668,
    • OSHMS BS OHSAS 18001 - ISO 45001
    • Loss Prevention & Control, and
    • Social Responsibility & Accountability., and
    • Others

BRS Rim of the World Operations staff and visitors working together...To carryout Regulatory Affair Practices BRS meets legal obligations while benchmarking ISO/IEC 17021, ISO/IEC 27006, ISO/IEC 17024 and ISO/TS 22003, ISO/IEC 17065 and ISO/IEC 17020.

Et al, through BRS certificate of registration your organization's management system serves as a means to demonstrate competence in adhering to legal obligations with values and principles of integrity with a consumer-centric purpose, and not focus on thick-mark for conformity.  




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