BRS, a network of exclusive professionals bearing experience and impartiality adhering to our values, mission and vision to a dignify purpose, professionals from:

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  • Latin America [Andes, Caribbean, Central and MercoSur Regions]

Through Rim of the World OPerations (ROWO), with global depth acting locally we understand the local regional and global challenges that organizations face and through our regions of operations, as we contribute and help client-organizations toward success. In today's business climate management knows that successful strategies needs to carry a global view while acting locally. In a free global market economy, that means understanding local language, culture, legal obligations, regulatory requirements... and as these apply within the realm of operational management systems to the protection of communities and consumers. As an accredited certification body through multicultural professionals across the Globe, from North America we team with client-organizations in Europe, Euro Asia, Middle East & North Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America. By residing where our clients operate, we contribute to their performance and strive to create new opportunities from a global perspective while executing regionally.  

As an accredited-recognized Certification and Registration Body, our structure encompass:

  • Officers of the Corporation; BRS is a California-based public trust accredited US legal entity, thus a US based branding, inspection, validation, and certification body;
  • Management Team with operational activities based at the Rim of the World Operations (ROWO), California USA;
  • Quorum Reviewers - Independent and competent body of professionals to review to the scope of activities that serve and that live our mission, values and vision with purpose - these reside across the world through America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Euro Asia;
  • BRS exclusive Professionals are competent, recognize and qualified professionals that operate internationally through a central - collaboration with the Rim of the World Operations in California, bearing an honorable and noble purpose to the pursuit of excellence and serve consumers in collaborating across frontiers.

BRS carries national and international recognition through accreditation protocols with purpose to protect consumers through free-market economies.



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