As a U.S. Registered Corporation, the ownership of the corporation includes those officers that set the bylaws and governance focus on our honorable and noble purpose as the basis for the corporation policies andbylaws, policies and procedures procedures, and these are as listed below. These are not operational directors thus do not participate within the organization's day-to-day operations. The policies and procedures of Bulltek Registration Services (BRS) Ltd., Inc. are for the operational organization structure to attend on a daily basis within the Rim of the World Operations, and setting forth policies and procedures based purpose. The operational staff includes Managing Director | CEO-COO, Assessment Program Manager (APM), Quality Assurance Manager (QAM) and Administration (Admin).

  • M. Hilda Chapa - Joined in 2003 and knowledgeable in consumer market business activities including food safety activities.
  • B. Tamez - Joined in 2005 based as Quality Systems knowledgeable professional and Psychology professional.
  • M. Irene Sola - Joined in 2008, knowledgeable in educational programs, and provides administration support in representation of the officers of the corporation.
  • Eric Fitzgerald - Joined in 2017, High Technology, Security and Financial Technologies (including crypto currencies), currently provides technical and security support.
  • A. Morales Burguet - Joined in 2004, currently appointed President, his experience derives as business owner within the fields of the manufacturing sector, in goods to consumers.

The members of the corporation may participate in ad-hoc activities to help the corporation in their responsibility to client-organizations and consumers; such as Audit Committee, Policy and Strategy. Each of the above members provide advise and support to the Rim of the World Operations, as each reside within North America. BULLTEK REGISTRATION SERVICES, Ltd., Inc. derives from the meaning of bullish technologies, circa 1984.



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