Our colors represent our values, our jewels. These provide for a tight fit from ou organization to your organization's needs, while addressing the challenges of a consumer-centric commitment in a free market global economy. Our mission inspires us to an operating system that speed us through a path of best-in-class operational excellence through management system benchmarks. Our values enable us to take clients beyond the classical inspections, product marking and beyond conformity assessment-audit protocols.

BRS, Integrity... red - ruby 

Integrity | Red Ruby: Is one of the "cornerstones" by which client-organization entrust us to perform critical activities that contribute to enhance their operations by Circle of Integrityinstigating action or preventive measure that focus on competitiveness, reduction of risk and consumer – centric protection. "Red Ruby" provides friendly and courteously adding-value-assessment (A-V-A) services conforming to ethics and impeccable integrity, as we are entrusted to provide certification in abiding to the highest level of impartiality and competence within a consumer-centric legally binding charter. We strive to identify improvements, and it is the organization whom determines "how" to act on these opportunities. In protecting our logo-trademark, we do not engage in activities that are construe conflict of interest and which may jeopardize your trust and the certifications that we grant. In adhering to a legally binding Charter accreditation agreement we operate a management system compliant to current revisions of ISO/IEC 17020, ISO/IEC 17021, ISO/TS 17065. We qualify the competence of our assessors through an exclusive program by benchmarking c-ISO/IEC 17024 based accreditation. Through A-V-A, we encourage understanding of principles that foster teamwork, innovation, and creativity (we refer to... I3) as a bearer and signatory to a legally binding commitment to the protection of community and consumer.

BRS, on cost... sapphire - blue 

Cost-Effective | Blue Sapphire: We focus on results by taking a customer-centric approach, within the realm of consumer protection, as we In pursuit of cost - benefitpursue opportunities for improvement (whether improving for competitiveness and / or reducing risk within a legally binding commitment). Our network of Professionals assessors and technical experts strive to provide services that truly add-value (AVA) concurrent with client-organization's objectives within a consumer-centric legally binding focus. For this reason we provide a three (3) year "budget able" pricing commitment, and this is possible because of our exclusive team of professional assessment - auditors and technical experts. Further, "sapphire" means that we keep fees globally competitive within the regions we have chosen to provide service, and we pursue to contain cost to benefit client-organizations within a priority to protect consumers as we carry accreditation under a legally binding Charter with this moral purpose, consumer-centric. To this effect we contribute to client-organizations with McKinsey & Co growth model.

BRS, Vigilance... citrine yellowish - orange 

Vigilance | Citrine Yellow-Orange: Vigilance, protection clients...We maintain open communication, deliver straight talk, and strive to maintain updates with information of value to client-organizations, within the prevailing "Knowledge Based Global Economy" as part of our legally binding commitment to protect consumers and communities. These focus on issues relevant to (1) discontinuance of technology, (2) evolution of regulations, and (3) market trends as these may affect client-organizations. Vigilance includes pursuing applicability, advancement and linking to legal acts, including FSMA, OSHA, MDD, Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, HIPAA, US Patriot Act, CFR, C-TPAT; Codes of Federal Regulations to carryout regulatory affair practices with national equivalents worldwide. And vigilance is an integral part that leads us into "Socially Responsibility".

BRS and Social Responsibility... emerald - green 

children, risk, forest, best-in-class social responsibleSocial Responsibility | Emerald Green: Provides us with a path to honor the language and spirit of the law of every nation wherein we operate and to undertake open and fair activities demonstrating to be a good citizen, good neighbors, through the protection of communities and consumers. To help us understand these matters, we are on location within a National Forest Reserve. This help us  to demonstrate that we understand and sustain social responsibility in a way translucently integral to the assessment we carry in Global reach to operational jurisdictions maintaining values of social responsibilities and accountability. To this effect we consider aspects relevant to those risks that clients face including environmental, safety and health issues, while considering the nature of their products to focus on preventative and control measures. We seek that client- organization equally meets legal obligations and regulatory requirements as a basis to be socially responsible and forward to social accountability.

    Note: In addition to adherence to anti-corruption, anti-fraud and antitrust laws and regulations we also seek that client-organizations equally adhere, BRS references US legal obligations and legal obligations of other world regions whether inbound or outbound [some of the references consider, for which we carry adherence Gramm-Leach-Bliley, Sarbanes-Oxley, FSMA, HIPAA, CFR... on matters of confidentiality and privacy].



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