Contact us. for career - job - assignment BRS, since 1984 integrates professionals through operating regions, and from thereon a business start-up as of June 2003. Our business is providing management system certification - registration in accordance with internationally recognized and generally accepted system specification (standards), recognized technical specifications and other recognizable management protocols. For (exclusive) professionals to conduct BRS third-party assessments you will need to operate with BRS certification. Third-party certification that carries no cost, however it does requires extensive and rigorous verification of qualifications in adherence to our mission, values, vision and signatory commitment to the a legally binding charter to the protection of communities and consumers. Further you must carry competence in adherence to internationally recognized and generally accepted (IRGA) benchmarks current ISO/IEC 17021, ISO/IEC 17024, ISO/IEC 17020, ISO/IEC 17065 with applicable ISO/IEC 27006 and/or ISO/TS 22003.

Assessors are exclusive to the BRS brand operating through the regions of Asia Pacific, Australasia, across America, North Africa, Euro Asia, Europe and Middle East. This provides the freedom to operate not on the basis to conform but on the purpose to which we are signatoriy and bearer. We are a real organization seeking collaboration-relationship with dynamic professionals with sales and marketing savvy wishing to complement or build a career in mutual collaboration with BRS. To this effect you need to contact us so we can forward to each independent world region. 

BRS pursues slow continuing expansion as our vision expresses. We offer agreement to assist in our on going growth, which may include assignments depending on your competence. They are actual positions paid on results, and we are willing to provide commissions and bonus providing that we sustain demonstrable impartiality and competence. The markets where in to pursue development and expansion are inclusive to our global regions regions. If you already have an ongoing career, familiarize with management systems certification-registration protocols and considering supplementary income perhaps BRS may be an alternative to consider, however you will need to carry exclusively activities to BRS.

contact us and include in the subject e-mail your region to perhaps initiate "dialogue". 



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