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BRS , an international assessment, certification, validation and inspection body we provide services through an exclusive teams of proficient assessors. Assessessment teamsare throughout regions of  America, Australasia, Pacific Rim, Asia Pacific, Europe, Euro Asia, Africa and Middle East. BRS certificates are exclusively available through centralized operations at the Rim of the World Operation in California through the support of highly competent, friendly, and courteous professionals whereas competence, ability and skills combine with our mission and values transcend with accreditation that distinguishes us worldwide.

 BRS commitment to A-V-A™ can  be reachable and sustain through our highly selective network of exclusive professionals with the highest average of experience in the industry. We pursue proficiency in what we do.

On the right we present facsimiles, not identical, similar to our very special standard certificates. A certificate such as ours provides record of an enlightening experiences and exciting innovative ways and knowledge. For this reason, each BRS certificates have been carefully designed with these thoughts in mind, produced in special paper, environmentally friendly inks, signed by a management member or corporate officer (in behalf of our group president), and are embossed (a seal). Each certificate proudly carries a recognition | accreditation mark (not shown in the herein facsimiles). Our certificates of registration are uniquely and specially processed and issued from the California Rim of the World Operation. The combination of materials and the care taken to complete each certificate makes these on a class by itself. In addition, we provide A3 / B3 size complementary certificate documents, consult with BRS assessment team within your region.

To verify for valid and issued certificates, please contact us, as we need to adhere to the privacy and confidentiality of legal obligations as part of fulfillment in free conflict of interest. 


BRS QMS ISO 9001 certificate fascimile

BRS EMS ISO 14001  certificate fascimile

The two certificate facsimiles above are similar, but may not be identical, to the certificates of registrations that you may be issued. These unique, and one of kind, instruments demonstrates your organization's management system has completed and sustains compliance to laws and regulations with competence through impartiality. BRS exclusively proficient assessors provide
for an impartial and competent protocol, whether is validation, inspection or certifications - audit; we issue accredited
ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, HACCP HARPC MS Preventive Controls HARPC, Quality Health Care System-QHCS, EMAS,ISO/IEC 27001, QMSMDD ISO 13485,
Assessment Verification for Certification in accordance with Federal Regulatory Requirements, OSHMS OHSAS, Medical Sectors, and
Social Responsibility & Accountability. Again, the facsimiles shown
are only as example, not precise and exact replicas.

Note: As a USA based accredited certification body BRS
collaborates and is transparent to USA government authorities.

Disclaimer: BRS is a non-governmental legal entity
and is not a legal advisor or in lieu of a legal authority.




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